Beginner’s Photo Guide to Being Green on Campus

Many students would like to become more environmentally friendly. However, not all students know where to begin with this extremely broad task that seems like it is only for quinoa eating, tree hugging hipsters who watch CNN. It is for these students who do not know where to begin that I have created the “Beginner’s Photo Guide to Being Green on Campus”

The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when thinking of environmental sustainability is recycling. However, recycling is not only about tossing your paper into the recycling bin. You can recycle many products that you use every day. You can recycle food by re-growing it in your yard. You can also recycle clothes by donating them to less fortunate people or selling them to stores like Plato’s Closet.


Another thing you can do instead of driving to class, you can ride your bike. This lets you save the earth by creating less carbon emissions and look good while you are doing it! You will also get killer leg muscles and not have to worry about parking. Double win!

Another thing you can do instead of driving to class is to walk to class. This allows you to reduce carbon emissions again and at the same time you can socialize with friends and get more exercise!

If you can not walk or bike to class, another thing you can do is take the bus. While this doesn’t completely eliminate carbon emissions, it is a good alternative to having everyone create emissions by using a personal car.

 One more thing you can do is getting involved in a student sustainability organization. These organizations would be glad to help teach you more things you can do to help save the earth by slightly modifying your everyday behaviors. By joining organizations such as these you can also help push the campus to be more environmentally friendly by pushing policy changes and creating more green infrastructure.

Screenshot 2015-04-21 at 12.35.20 AM 

A small change you can do in your everyday life is eating less meat or different types of it. This makes a difference as different types of meat require different types of water in order to be produced. Below, I have attached a table depicting these differences and if you would like to know more click here. I personally stopped eating as much steak for about a year now and started eating more chicken and have not missed steak to this day!

Screenshot 2015-04-21 at 12.30.31 AM

In order to become a more knowledgeable environmentalist and have more environmentally friendly actions, it is necessary to learn more about environmental topics. These can range from reading environmental news and magazines, to watching youtube, and reading books. Below, I have included some of the videos that my environmental sustainability class has worked on for Earth Week. These highlight some small changes you can do each day of the week in order to help save the world!

Finally, it is important to teach your friends about the importance of environmental sustainability by sharing new things we learn and involving them in our sustainable lives. It is important to remember that everyone was a beginner at one point and that by working together we can reach the ultimate goal of making the earth a sustainable place once again.