Begone climate change deniers!

There are very few things that I have heard that are just so ridiculous that I have had to point them out. Of them, climate change denial is one of the top ones. Not only does this position seem insane to me, it also uses an odd amalgam of science and fiction (mostly the latter) to carry out their point. Climate change deniers are purposely denying rather than communicating the dangers that we face and we are all susceptible to the dangers that can happen if we go about our ways without change. In order to prove how ridiculous the climate change denial phenomena is I have compiled a variety of sources that show how absurd it is to deny climate change and how important it is to properly communicate the dangers of global warming:

Below, you will find a video that shows how the climate change denial machine. I think it is ridiculous that people that are as wealthy as the Koch brothers (who each have about 21 billion dollars to their name) think it is acceptable to destroy the earth just to make more money. Watch the video below to see how they do it:

Below you will find a video of Bill Nye The Science Guy debating climate change with Joe Bastardi. While many people know and love Bill, I believe that in this specific video Joe was the better communicator as he was much more passionate and made it seem like Bill did not know what he was talking about. This goes to show the importance of proper communication when it comes to climate change.

In the video below, former GM exec Lutz shows his blatant climate denial in action and Bill Maher and Neil DeGrasse Tyson show the audience just how wrong Lutz is. My two favorite parts are when Lutz denies that the consensus among scientists agree that global warming is a thing, which for the record NASA states that 97% of scientists agree that it is. Later on Lutz denies that consensus means anything in science. Another thing I found interesting was that republicans in the past came up with the cap and trade program, and now many of them deny it. Neil’s challenge for Lutz that if he really believes climate change is a hoax to invest in companies that think global warming is a hoax (so that in 50 years he’d be broke) was also a bright idea. This goes to show how ridiculous the climate change denying argument is.

here is a short article featuring a video that shows how a republican webcast cut out a part of Obama’s State of the Union address. The webcast cut him off right as he said “I’m not a scientist.” Obama went on to finish his point on how it made sense to him and many other actual scientists, yet this was never featured to the viewers of the webcast. miseducation is one of the few reasons climate change denial even exists.

In this article GOP congressman and climate change denier Dan Benishek says he believes in peer reviewed science. The article goes on to say that 97% of scientists agree that global warming is a thing and over 12,000 peer reviewed papers have concluded that Global Warming is a thing and that it is caused by humans

This article features a video with Al Gore and Jason Linkins show the true motivation behind climate change denial. Jason summarizes it as they’ve been lied to, they’ve been bought off, or they are just stupid.

My Favorite article features Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse putting climate change deniers in their place. My favorite part of this is where Sheldon states that deniers said the government was colluding. He goes on to say how we trust each government organization in everything that they do except for when it comes to climate change. My favorite example of when he says we trust NASA to bring a rover to Mars and stream video, yet not when it comes to global warming. I also like how he put the petition against global warming in its place too as 2/3 of the signers of the petition weren’t scientists and the petition included the spice girls among other people who weren’t science authorities. My final favorite part is where Sheldon says that young Republicans view climate change deniers as ignorant, out of touch, or crazy.

There are two main messages to this compilation. The first is that communication is key to bringing climate change reform to the government. In Chernobyl, the communications occurred after the destruction had already occurred. While humans have created a lot of destruction to the environment and many lives have been lost, there is still a lot more work to be done and even bigger disasters and destruction can be prevented with proper communication and preventative measures.

The second message is that there are consequences to every action. One could lose their credibility and companies can lose their funding. However,the biggest dangers of climate change are include damage that is difficult to imagine. All due to misrepresenting the facts and endangering the world. To summarize, be careful about the message you are communicating as there is much more at stake than you may have imagined.